The male art professors advice


During my masters at the RCA two of my male professors advised me to look into Francesca Woodman's self portraits, the nude in particular. They always encouraged my performance more than my piece-making.

So for the interim show working with the Wellcome Trust they thought I could perhaps do a performance naked, expressing my body.

I was like..

Oh, I'll think about it... but no, what's the point? I am too much of a northern swede to be leaping around naked. A naked body is ALWAYS interesting 'cause we are curious animals, but it's not MY expressions, it wasn't then anyway, who knows of the future?

I tried an attempt in their direction.

Wearing tights allover, I was going for Cindy Sherman instead, wearing a wig, powdering my face so I lost some features and made a music video for the song I had recorded.

I made an installation; a dressing room where the video was screening.

I also had pieces showing, made porcelain teeth with gold markings on them laying on a white silk scarf embossed printed with my features on it.

The professors seemed bored. Nudes Nudes Nudes for dudes dudes dudes..

That was 2010 pre the #metoo.

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